Prediciting the Predicament

A few months ago my 10th grade English class dove into the book “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding. The first assignment was given to us by our teacher moments after receiving the books (dully I might add, as I’m sure I could feel the disappointment radiating off him) was to write a prediction as to what we thought the story would be about based off the cover alone (we were clearly instructed to not allow previous readings or general knowledge of the book influence us). Personally I had never read the book, but I knew what it was about from it’s well established position in society. Rightly so, I decided to make the most of this procedural work.

Lord of the Flies Cover

My Prediction for Lord of the Flies

I predict that this book will be about a private schoolboy who gets lost on a tropical island. I made this prediction based on the uniform-like clothes he is wearing, and the fact that they’re rather raggedy. Maybe he stole them from someone. I got the tropical island idea from the shades of green and orange, which have a tropical feel for them. However, this tropical island is populated by giant insects. Since the boy is on the bigger side, he faces the problem of escaping these giant insects, who would prefer to make easy work of this porky little child.
One day, our chubby buddy runs into a giant fly who wears glasses. The boy, being bigger therefore naturally a bully, promptly takes the fly’s glasses and smashes them (this explains the broken glasses). Now the fly must carry the boy around and protect him while the boy acts as the eyes for the both of them. Together they will search high and low to find a means of peace on both the island and within themselves and discover that true friendship can occur even between a fat kid and a giant fly.

Prediciting the Predicament

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