The Enemy – Prediction

Earlier today I purchased the book “The Enemy” by Charlie Higson. For the sake of everyone in the world who has ever considered buying this book (believe it or not it seemed to be selling!) this is for you. Every time I finish a chapter of this book I will post a blog relating the content of that chapter to you! There are 60 chapters and 440 pages. I hope you guys are looking forward to this as much as I am! However, today I will only be predicting the contents of the book based on what I could find on and in the book without actually reading page 1. Let’s begin!

First I have to begin with the fact that on the back of the book it clearly says that “It’s kid verses zombies and no one is playing nice.” I am starting to suspect this is a book about zombies who are trying to eat kids, and, contrary to what G4 wants you to believe, no one is playing nice! It also tells us that the story takes place in London, and that an unexplained illness has turned every adult into a “shuffling, drooling, kid-crunching machine”. Oh my. I think I’ve heard this one before…

Okay, onto the cover! It seems that in this zombie ridden world, everything has turned green…or maybe…Also, many windows are broken, and I can only think of one reason that they would do this. Oh yea, one more thing…

BLACK PAGE EDGES!!!! Bad-ass. That’s it.

The Enemy – Prediction

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