A Man Sees A Baby Rolling Down A Hill

In the 11th grade, a friend gave me a random topic to write a short story over, “A man sees a baby rolling down a hill”.

Alex was walking a different way to work today. He had felt a need for change, and although the detour added about 10 minutes to his commute, he really didn’t mind.

He had a chosen a more scenic route; he was now halfway through the local park, and was feeling a bit better.

“Just take small steps, recovery comes a little bit at a time,” his therapist had told him, “if you make a big leap, your steps will just become a big kick in the air.”

Alex was content with this approach, it made sense anyway. When his now ex-wife had cheated on him and told him she was going to have some other jerk-offs kid, he was sure he’d never get over it. Yet, here he was, feeling a bit better already. Heck, maybe he’d meet a decent chick who wasn’t a whore on this walk!

Just then, Alex hear a spine-chilling cry of an infant. He looked around, but it was early, and there certainly weren’t any mothers around pushing carriages. In fact, no one else was around.

Puzzled, he continued his search till he saw it – it being a wrapped bundle rolling down a hill.

His body reacted before his mind processed it, and he was in full sprint towards the baby. However, he was fully aware of these creeping thoughts rising from the darkest depths of his mind. Flashes of his wife and her spare man and their stupid kid. That should of been his damned kid. It wasn’t fair.

Suddenly, it wasn’t an innocent baby rolling down a hill, it was that bastard bitch’s kid. Other than his running, Alex’s face was growing red out of anger now.

The baby had reached the bottom of the hill, and seemed relatively fine, but Alex didn’t care. He ran faster now, faster and faster, and the baby grew closer and closer. As the two grew closer, so did the force driving Alex’s anger until, like the collision that splits the atom in a hydrogen bomb, they made contact.

“FUCK THIS BABY!!!” Alex screamed at the top of his lungs, as he drove his foot as hard as possible into the middle of the bundle, sending it flying a good 10 feet back up the hill. Alex turned to walk away before the baby hit the ground again though, so that’s really just a guess. When it hit the ground again, he heard no cries, and was fairly certain the baby was now dead.

As he pondered whether or not to tell his therapist of this event, he stopped and laughed almost uncontrollably. When he finally calmed down enough, he chuckled out, “Well, that certainly wasn’t a kick in the air.”

A Man Sees A Baby Rolling Down A Hill

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