Tripping With Russell To An Oscillated Soundtrack From 95

Well folks, here it is. I present to you 24 songs, 4 of which were ready for release, 2 were just short of their final draft versions, several were simply incomplete, and there are certainly a few oddballs in there.

Also, let me end this once and for all, a master track is a uncompressed .wav file. The only files I have left are .mp3s. None of these can be used as master copies as they’ve been compressed.

Anyway, I present this as a free download. No reason these should all go to waste right?

Click to download

On a completely unrelated note (my sarcasm hand is raised) I would appreciate any sized donations from anyone willing to provide them! I haven’t decided on how I would reward such donations, but what kind of jerk would I be if I didn’t do so right?

About My Brain Waves Are Triple Oscillated, I will have to start the project over from scratch, and I’m now guessing it would have a release date of winter/spring. It sucks, I know, but with summer already halfway over, I don’t see myself being able to produce an entire album quickly. I apologize if you’re upset, but hey, 24 songs should keep you entertained for awhile right? RIGHT?!!!

Tripping With Russell To An Oscillated Soundtrack From 95

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