French Navy

Approximately three weeks ago, I spent around 3 hours trying to find a song that plays at my place fo work – needless to say, I was unsuccessful. About a week ago, as I walked into the breakroom with my lunch, I figured the greatest moment of my day would be finally finding that song. I was wrong.

As I awkwardly carried my Chik-Fil-A bag and drink, I was very much preoccupied with the thought “I shouldn’t have let someone hold open the door for me.” But hey, at least I found that song. I was really excited about that.

As much as I’d like to say that excitement was completely overshadowed, I don’t think that’s an accurate statement.

I’ll stop pussyfooting around (that’s not a dirty word!) and get straight to the point: I was stopped by a wonderful young lady who was more excited to see me than wonderful young ladies usually are. In a frenzied twist of fate, she earnestly explained to me that she had finally wondered onto this lovely domain of mine, and (hopefully) wholeheartedly encouraged me to resume operations.

Who am I to ignore such requests?

I have several grandiose ideas I’d like to set into motion for the site, and once I get a few of them completely written up I’ll start posting them!

As far as I know user registrations are still open, and I’m willing to take up writers. I’m really not a mean person.

On a more sentimental note, it’s amazing to experience the happiness that accompanies such support – especially when you’re used to being completely ignored. My appreciation can not be overstated.

The song I found is still pretty great though.

French Navy

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