Who, What, Where, Why, and Wtf

My name is Ricardo Martinez. I am poor. Years ago I tried to make this blog into something great and I failed. July Mota first inspired and
then joined me in my quest, and now the goal is in sight. Stick around, and witness the magic!

This is our blog and our home away from home. Because we are computer viruses. We reproduce by puncturing your computer’s membrane with digital hollow tubes and then inject our digital DNA. Your stupid computers then use our DNA to replicate, and our influence spreads further and further. By visiting this site, you are already infected.

This is also the home of super successful podcast, Sex In Your Ear. Check that out.

Anywhere! Welcome to the internet! *waves hands mystically*

Because if we don’t the terrorists win. If there’s one thing we hate more than communists, it’s terrorists. Or is it the other way around…

Because sex sells babyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ DOLLA DOLLA BILLS YALL

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